Tour Management

Having worked with some fantastic bands and artists, I can honestly say I LOVE tour management. I love seeing the bigger picture and helping people realise their performance dreams. With new Brexit legislations and Covid-19 changing the landscape of British and European touring, I want to make sure, now more than ever, that you can do your job hassle free, by having a TM who is on top of all of the latest changes. 


Let's tour!

Having toured for 10 years across the U.K and Europe, I have extensive experience of the kinds of issues a band or artist can come up against. I have touring experience that ranges from pubs to arenas, and have gained this experience in the company of some amazing artists and bands. I understand the stresses of touring, having toured as a musician myself. I pride myself on making the experience as smooth and stress free as possible on the road so that all you will have to do, is enjoy your tour and focus on doing what you do best.

I am well connected with Lighting Designers, Tour Drivers, Sound Engineers, Merchandisers, Crew and pretty much anyone else you may need whilst away. As your TM I will assess your needs with your budget in mind and together we can put a perfect team in place.